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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

HiYA! 👋🏽

We hope this finds you in a good place. Per usual, we're talking about some things that may be hard to hear or triggering, so buyer beware. 😬

We're seeing a trend right now in light of the Corona Virus -- we should be using this time to "cope" or be "ok" with the idea that it's "acceptable" to develop or continue bad habits because this is a tough time and "you deserve it."

Well, how do you think this resonated with us (aka Amy)? 🤔

This set Amy on 🔥

Olivia and Amy both discuss this mindset in depth and challenge you to go against the grain. We challenge you to have an open mind and without the noise of your career, kids off to school, and the business of life -- WHO ARE WE?

You know us. It is NOT our intent to shame anyone. Quite the contrary, honestly. If you are experiencing this time to be difficult, reach out. We're here for you.

What we're saying is this -- don't use this time as an excuse to continue to perpetuate negative patterns or beliefs (that were present prior to the quarantine).

It IS our intent that these types of conversations produce some self awareness and push you against what you may have been socially conditioned to think is ok.

Again, please reach out if this struck a chord with you or you need some help getting through this time.

To sit and do nothing would be tragedy.

Stay Nasty 🤘🏽

--Amy & Olivia

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