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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Oct 9, 2017

"She's fabulous but she's evil," recognize that quote? It's from the movie mean girls. Why are we leading with a quote from mean girls you ask, well, today, we are talking mean girls--who are they and how not to be one. 


Why are we so mean to each other? We all have our moments but are YOU the mean girl? This week we are chatting about how we can start listening to others and giving them the benefit  of the doubt before we judge. Also, gossip. What's the deal with it and how do you know the difference between full on s$&t talking and simply complaining. Tune in and find out. And yes you can sit with us. This is a safe space.

Train nasty, babes.

--Amy & Olivia


Brene Brown's video on empathy vs. sympathy

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