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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Dec 11, 2017

*In an effort to provide incredible content AND to practice what we preach, the nasty girls are taking the month of December to tap into some creativity and re-charge. Enjoy listening to our most popular episodes throughout the month of December** :)

This week we kick of our CrossFit Games series with a heavy hitter, Becky Conzelman. This woman must be the most fittest, nicest person on the planet...that's for sure.

Becky is a seasoned Crossfit Games athlete with an athletic rap sheet that puts most to shame. From basketball to being a contender for the Olympic's in Velo Cycling, she's quite the busy gal. We catch up with her and discuss life up to now and how the heck she balances being a mom/business owner/professional athlete.

Becky chooses to use her platform for good as she is the founder of Faith Rx'd a Christian based Crossfit ministry whose mission is "to strengthen the fitness community for Christ centered living and Impact".

As a masters athlete she qualified for this years 2017 Crossfit games. Becky tells the Nasty girls what went into turning down her invitation to attend this years competition.

So, join Amy and Olivia, this week because Becky will definitely make you want to call your mom and tell her how much you love her! Thanks Becky for taking the time, you truly embody what it means to be a positive role model.

Train Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia

Faith Rx'D

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