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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Aug 6, 2018

**In an effort to provide incredible content AND to practice what we preach, the nasty girls are taking the month of August to tap into some creativity and re-charge. Enjoy listening to our most popular episodes throughout the month of August....See you in September** :)

If you’re new to the show you know Olivia and Amy are constantly challenging you to discover new layers to yourself....on the reg.

This week is no different.

Today we are talking all things temptation.

You see something you want, right? It’s that handbag you’ve been after, that watch, that cupcake, that hot new intern, whatever the item you’re tempted. What’s a healthy temptation and an unhealthy temptation look like? What’s the difference between lust and just merely wanting something. What the heck is contempt and how do we use it to get what we THINK we want?

These are all things that if not explored could show up in all avenues of your life. If you’re someone who fixates on items until you have them then chances are that might show up in your romantic relationships too.

Alright, alright we’ve given you enough...we have to leave you “lusting” for more right? Or do we? Sit tight for this week’s new episode!!

Train nasty.

--Amy & Olivia

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