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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

We. Is. Back.

It’s no secret we’ve been MIA for a hot minute. Both social media and recording have kinda sorta taken a back seat. If this has annoyed you, trust us.... with Olivia being a 3 and Amy an 8 it has been on our minds to try and figure out a way to deliver our podcasts more frequently.

In the same breath though, we feel like, and our moms tell us, we put out great content. We don’t want to be rushed or forced to put out a shitty episode just because. That’s not coool. So we are trying our best as we always encourage you to do.

This week we are talking abut grief. Being that the last episode we aired was when we lost our gal pal Becky Conzelman, we wanted to touch on what exactly grief means. Olivia, who was close with Becky, has had to deal with this first hand recently. We talk about what it looks like for different people, and maybe how to approach someone who may be grieving. We also chat about grieving a relationship or a trauma that you’ve had to overcome . Did you know you actually go through the grief cycle there too?

Go ahead, google Kubbler-Ross Grief Cycle. You're welcome.

Stay nasty, babes.

--Amy & Olivia

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