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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Dec 11, 2018

Hey it’s us, doing another episode...HIGH FIVE. In an effort to get our $hit together we have adulted our way to another week on the Nasty Girls Podcast.

This week, we are switching gears a little. We always cover mental health aspects, fitness, introspective-y type topics so today we are covering the work place. Basically, how not to be “that guy”. If you are “that guy”...well this one might be a tad bit uncomfortable. Growth happens whilst being uncomfortable so break out your best deodorant and lets get our anxiety sweats on!

We are talking about the concept of core values and what it means to have them. The Ideal Team Player is a book by Patrick Lencioni where humble,hungry,smart are the three core values he deems most important in the work place.

Olivia and Amy walk you through each one. Sometimes you can be all three, sometimes you can lack one or two. What does that look like? Stay tuned and LEAVE US A REVIEW!!! Love y’all!!!!!

Stay Nasty.

-Amy & Olivia

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