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The Nasty Girls Podcast

May 1, 2017

We've all been there, that 5k you want to sign up for, the Tough Mudder your friends are doing or the CrossFit competition you want to take a shot at; competitions are a terrifying commitment. In this episode, Amy and Olivia discuss how to take that leap of faith and trust yourself. You might be wondering how to set up your training now that you're all in, we got ya! Lastly we cover the support you will need to set yourself up for success such as friends, apps, or Facebook groups. In the second half of our episode we chat about CrossFit and why we think its the perfect training tool wherever you are at in your fitness journey. Everyone can do it and we mean everyone...seriously! So, join us as we challenge you this week to take a step outside your comfort zone!


Couch to 5k app

Nike Training app

If you're ever near St. Petersburg, FL and want to hang out with Amy and Olivia definitely check out BURG CrossFit.