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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jul 20, 2017

Core Symptom #3 of Codependency....difficulty owning your own reality. Woo, girl. This one gonna hurt...

Oftentimes, those who grew up being ignored, attacked, or abandoned–in any way–likely struggle with owning and accepting their own reality.

What if you grew up in a great home...could you still struggle with this? Absolutely.

Pia Melody looks at one's own reality in 2 ways: 1. knowing your reality but not stating it for fear of rejection/not being good enough/not having the right answer/being abandoned. 2. Not knowing your own reality and thus not being able to express it.

Being able to know your own reality...your thoughts, feelings,'s a beautiful thing but if you've been hurt enough times maybe it's just best you keep that to yourself.

We're going there and talking about ways in which we all struggle to own and express our own reality, our own experiences and feelings.

Your feelings, thoughts and experiences are unique to you. Own them.


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