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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Dec 14, 2017

Just What The Doctor Ordered. A mini-episode series brought to you by one half of the Nasty Girls Podcast, Olivia Pelts.


Y'all. You know we talk a lot about our "inner circle" and the importance of it. That you are, in so many ways, the 5 people you hang out with the most. Well, I (Olivia) have invited one of my "inner circle" people onto the show today and you definitely are in for a treat.


Today we are talking about the concept of what it means to "hold space" for others. We speak from our own very personal experiences about what it has looked like for us and that it literally only requires you show up with your whole heart.


When you show up for others, feel their pain (read: NOT FIX) and offer your is an amazing gift.


We'd love to know how this episode has impacted you or if it brought up any questions for you. Hit us up.


--Amy & Olivia


Show Notes

Holding Space For Others Article

Out of Solitude

The Wounded Healer

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