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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

Heeyaa nasty girl nation! We hope you are already off to a great week! Thanks for tuning in and as always we love how much we have grown our little Nasty Girl family!

This week we are talking all things motivation. What happens when you fall off the wagon. We tried so hard to make an Oregon trail reference here, but we digress. Olivia and Amy are chatting about tips and ways to conquer that dreaded lull in your fitness journey. They both give examples of how they fought their way back from a drop in motivation and we think you'll find yourself in some of their examples.

One of the big things that hit home for us was the comparison to treating movement like a prescribed medicine for you. You wouldn’t argue with the dosage of medicine your doc prescribes you, yet we take it everyday with out a care in our mind. Why can’t we view movement as so? All things to ponder... and with that we hope this helps someone, somewhere trying to get your mojo back! Thanks for listening!

Stay Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia


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