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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jun 25, 2018

Amy here. I usually like to remain anonymous when I write these but this week was EVERYTHING to me. We are talking shop with mompreneur and overall bad ass, Kristi Hayes of BE Strong Story.

Their companies mantra is “be strong, protect the weak, and love everyone” I mean, come on, sign me up for whatever that is.

This interview hit home for me because I’m 33 with no kids, no husband, and none of those two in any near all considerations, I should start collecting cats and building my cats trees. I’ve always had this tremendous fear that as a fearless, independent, driven, successful woman you would have to give all that up to have kids or get married. I know ME, of all people, after all we talk about on this episode should really GTFO but Kristi shows us that she has NOT let these things define her rather has created an authentic life through some serious hardships.

Kristi is a mom of two, a wife to a hottie husband and is learning what it means to find her passion in her work and in her home life with her family. Her company, Be Strong Story, sells amazing apparel that goes to all kinds of good organizations. She even employs the homeless to help make their company shirts. This girl is the real deal so check out The Be Strong Story.


Thank you Kristi for sharing your story and giving me hope of airplane love.

Stay Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia


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