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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jun 26, 2017

Friends.... how many of us have them? Besides us (hehe)... do you want more friends and if so do you know how to attain them? This week we are covering how to make friends as an adult (obvi we can’t just go to the park and ask people to be our friend).

We can all agree, it's not easy as an adult to make friends but are you self sabotaging yourself into a life of 18 cats and a knitting club membership? We give you all the tips on how to make meaningful relationships in your life and what to do if you struggle with connecting with others.

Olivia and Amy go over two very different types of personalities that could be causing you your solo trips to the beach. So, could it be YOU that's causing this issue? If it is, we got ya back! Check out this week’s episode to dig into some self reflection and make meaningful, lasting relationships with others.

Have fun!

—Amy & Olivia

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Sunshine City Counseling

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