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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Oct 29, 2019

Hi and welcome to the first 20 seconds of our show, where saying vagina multiple times is nothing out of the ordinary.

Breaking news...Olivia and I are indeed LADAYS.

So, without people coming to the conclusion that we are raging feminists, we wanted to chat about a little thing called gender bias.

Olivia and I are both coaches, so we are focusing more on this area but let’s face’s everywhere.

This is not a man hating, burn your tampons, everything pink sort of conversation, just so we're clear (we love men).

We just want to explore why it happens and maybe you can start paying attention to the gender bias you place on certain roles in your own life. After all, we're all trying to pursue health together, right?

Well, if vaginas, boobs, and humor are not you thing you probably shouldn’t listen, or you probably should 🤔 have a great week fam!

Stay nasty.

--Amy & Olivia


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