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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jun 19, 2017

The Nasty Girls have a plus one in the house this week:  Steph Hammerman. What's so “nasty" about Steph you ask? Well, we only have so much space but to start she is the world’s FIRST Level 2 CrossFit Trainer with Cerebral Palsy, competed in 15 marathons as a hand cyclist,  helped create WheelWOD,  prayed with Rich Froning, himself, and eats cookies as part of her nutrition protocol with Own Your Eating. Don't get it twisted...she's still an athlete first.

Did we also mention she's a cancer survivor?

Amy and Olivia hear her amazing journey and learn how she took a risk turning down a lucrative job offer straight out of school to chase a passion. Fast forward to now and she's working with all the big names, like, Kelly Starrett, RomWOD, Chris Hinshaw and Carl Paoli...just to name a few. As the Director of Marketing for WheelWOD, she seeks to normalize fitness for all athletes and has a unique hand in creating workouts, specifically, for adaptive athletes. She freaking rocks!

Welcome to the Nasty Girls Podcast, Steph Hammerman.

--The Nasty Girls

Steph Hammerman Seminars
Wheel Wod
Rich Froning
Chris Hinshaw
Aerobic Capacity
Carl Paoli
Kelly Starrett
Own Your Eating

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