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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jan 22, 2018

Today we are catching up with Olivia and Amy on what they’ve been up to in their lives and in fitness. They talk about both of their history’s with nutrition and what has worked and not worked. From paleo, bodybuilding, and iifym they have seen and done it all, what does it all mean?

Amy goes into great detail about the recent decision to give reverse dieting a try and shares her success with it. She shares her experience with a piece of equipment that changed the game in fat loss. Olivia also chimes is with what has brought her closer to her goals.

We hope you learn some new knowledge today and apply it to your lives. Let’s do this!

Train nasty. -

-Amy & Olivia

Show Notes

Top 11 accessory exercises

BurgFUEL Nutrition Team

Venus Climbing Rock Climbing + Yoga Retreat


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