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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Nov 21, 2018

Hey, if you’re like us and trying to figure out where the heck 2018 went, don’t worry you’re in good company. Let us catch you up since it’s been a couple weeks since the two of us crazies have spoken to ya!

This week we answer a listeners question about training and give our advice on her goals. Maybe you can get something from her awesome question. Keep'em coming!

We also chat about happiness. It seems the cliche answer to blurt out when someone ask you “what do you want in life?” Right? Well, let’s think about that... what is happiness? There are so many versions and it’s definitely relative.

We talk about why chasing happiness isn’t actually a good thing and what you should actually be after.

So sit back, give us your ear, and don’t drop your phone in the toilet while recording a podcast like Amy did... wait, what?

Stay Nasty.

--Amy and Olivia



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