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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Jan 21, 2019

Since we are covering the enneagram, we thought it would be cool to talk about our types (3,8) on a few episodes.

Side note: please go check out just what the doctors ordered if you are obsessed with the EG like we both are. Olivia covers other numbers and helps you integrate into being a better human. Two claps for that.

This is ya girl Amy writing and I only say that because we are talking all things type 3! Which Happens to be my dearest friend Olivia’s type (3w2).

Olivia is still on the fence on whether she’s a 3w2 or a 2w3, maybe you guys can help her? I think she’s definitely a 3w2 because have you ever seen that girl? She looks like lululemon and JCrew got drunk off Vueve Mimosas at brunch, drove to their studio downtown, on their 1,000 count sheets and made a love child.

Best part?
It’s not even on purpose.

We hope you enjoy this in depth look at this number because you know I (Amy) LOVE me a 3!!!

Stay nasty!!!

--Amy & Olivia

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