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The Nasty Girls Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

When we love something, we are not afraid to yell from the rooftops. Especially, when it’s another bad ass female taking over the fitness space with authentic wisdom.

This is just the case with our “she doesn’t know it yet” friend Miranda Alcatraz of Street Parking. We are fan girling hard! In one of her recent episodes (see below for the link), she talks about why we are willing to work in jobs we loathe yet we can't seem to find 20mins a few times a week to do something that will literally save our lives.


We were inspired.

It’s the ONE thing you can control in your life (mostly). The smallest changes will yield the biggest results, but we aren’t doing them. Like, ever.

In a time when knowledge and education are FREE and all over the place, we choose to do nothing.

As you know, Olivia and Amy are not afraid to unpack tough, uncomfortable topics and this is one of them.

We hope if you’re in a rut or you are trying to get ahold of your health, you take some time and give this episode a listen.👂🏽

Stay nasty.

--Amy & Olivia

2 Types of Discomfort by Street Parking "More Than Nothing"


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