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The Nasty Girls Podcast

May 22, 2018

Refined.... we hear it used all the time with food like refined sugars, refined oils, but what does it mean to refine one self? We sit down this week with another wave maker in the empowerment game, Kat Harris.

What hasn’t Kat done? Well, for starters, she has an amazing blog shedding light on all things amazing. She was a high fashion photographer on the runway in New York City and then decided she needed something more. And that was that...months later “The Refined Woman” was born and now women can feel like they belong!

With her witty titles to her fashion advice there’s something for everyone here to take away from. Unlike some folks, Kat focuses on YOU and your journey. Most important Kat wants you to tell YOUR story and remember that you do matter.

We have to say, we’d drink to that!

Welcome Kat! You were a joy to have on the show!

Train Nasty, babes.

--Amy & Olivia


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